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Past Speaking Topics

Margaret Dureke has spoken at U.S. Government seminars, business seminars and workshops, universities, churches and religious conventions, political forums, health fairs, book clubs and book signings, and many others. She is available to speak to groups large and small. Call 301-864-2800 for more information and to book Margaret for your next event.

Topics include:

  • Leading with confidence!
  • Believing in yourself and looking ahead!
  • Living your purpose/passion and not just making a living.
  • 7 drivers for success!
  • 10 keys to succeeding against all odds.
  • 8 secret steps to permanent weight loss.
  • "Wholistic" approach to wellness!
  • All you need to know to win!
  • 29 Proven Organizational skills and time management skills for highly effective people!
  • How to start and succeed at business, including how to start without capital!
  • Entrepreneurship - Is it for everyone?
  • Step outside your comfort zone and achieve!
  • Don't quit on the brink of your success!
  • It's not what you have; it's who you are!
  • Take risks! It's the only way!
  • All you need to know to make a comeback!
  • 5 things you didn't learn in college that will help you to excel in life!
  • It is Your Life Take charge; Take charge of it!
  • If you have the courage and strength to survive, you have the power to Succeed!
  • What it takes to start and succeed a small business without working capital!
  • The future of your health canít wait, do it now!
  • The eight secret steps to successful permanent weight lose program!
  • Overcoming the Odds in self-publishing!
  • Independent/self-publishing - Is it for everyone?
  • Seven drivers for success!
  • I have a dream that you had a dream-what did you do with it!
  • Donít give your power away; itís all you have!
  • Keep on pushing; change will surely come!
  • Itís not what happened to you, itís what you did with it!
  • How to succeed against all odds and make adversities your foot mat!
  • Entrepreneurship is a form of creative freedom and power, engage in it!

JAHS Publishing understands and values the power of words, particularly in today's world.

This why we are here to bring you books that will not only enrich your life "holistically," but most importantly, books that will help you decipher your calling in life and help you find a meaningful purpose for being here on earth.