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John and Margaret DurekeThe JAHS Publishing Group is a unit of the JAHS family of companies, which includes JAHS Odiche Fitness and You, and JAHS Active Wear. JAHS was founded by John and Margaret Dureke, who operate these successful companies from offices in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke, Co-Owner and Publisher
Dr. Dureke is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the JAHS Publishing Group. She is also the Cofounder and Managing Director of JAHS Odiche Fitness and You, Inc., and JAHS Active Wear. Dr. Dureke is in-demand as a motivational speaker, and is a frequent guest on TV and radio talk shows. She is a recognized fitness authority and is a certified aerobics instructor. Dr. Dureke is also an expert on African dance, and is the lead dancer for Chi-Chiís African Cultural Heritage dance troupe. She graduated with honors (BA in Political Science, suma cum laude) from Howard University in Washington, D. C. Dr. Dureke also earned a JD law degree from Washington College of Law, American University in Washington.

Dr. Dureke is the author of "How To Succeed Against All Odds" and "7 Drivers For Success," and many other publications.

John Dureke, Jr., Co-Owner
Mr. Dureke is an Author and Co-Owner of the JAHS Publishing Group. He is also the Cofounder and Executive Director of JAHS ODICHE Fitness and You, Inc., and is Cofounder of JAHS Active Wear. Mr. Dureke has a BA in Political Science from Hiram College in Ohio, with a concentration in international politics, and an AA in Political Sciences and a minor in Religion from John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. He also earned an MPS in Human Relations from the New York Institute of Technology with a concentration in general counseling.

Mr. Dureke is the author of "The Horrors Of War From The Eyes Of A Child," and "Z-The Goodluck Bird." He is currently completing work on a new book, "Acts & Portraits of Wisdom".

John Dureke's latest book,
"The Horrors Of War From The Eyes Of A Child" brings to life
P's horrific experiences during the Biafran Civil War in the late-1960s.

The carnage of
9-11-01 caused the author to remember his experiences of war and led him to write this book, which shows how war can devastate the lives of children.