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The Singularity of Successful People

by Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke

Over the years, in her role as President and CEO of WETATi and WETATi Academy, Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke has had the opportunity to meet and interview individuals from many walks of life and many geographical areas. Many of those individuals are featured in this soon to be published book. Most of the individuals profiled are, like the rest of us, ‘everyday’ people who through their upbringing, their specific talents, their faith, their education, and their life choices, have become extraordinarily successful and influential people. Reading their stories, their struggles and how they overcame them, their wisdom, their humanity, their accomplishments, and their achievements in building wonderfully fruitful lives should inspire us all. Whether the person interviewed is relating his/her job experiences, life choices, accomplishments or ambitions, you will find their stories fascinating and motivating.

WETATi and many of the interviewed individuals have worked and continue to work hand-in-hand to insure that our youth have the opportunities that will give them that extra boost in their chosen pursuits.

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Other Recent Publications

11 Keys to Find the Seed of Opportunity in Any Adversity

Ambassador  Dr. Margaret Dureke

What If you could change your life in a few easy steps? Learn the simple steps you need to make a comeback and turn the negative mindset of COVID-19 into a mindset for moving forward in today’s world with a positive outlook. Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke gives you everything you need to change your mindset in her new compact book: 11 Keys to Find the Seed of Opportunity in Any Diversity. In this book she tells you in plain simple language, how to harness the abilities and characteristics you already have, or can easily access, to improve your outlook in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic. What separates this book from others is that the author informs the reader how to apply these keys to any situation or condition that life may present.

Paperback:  $19.99


Paperback: 155 pages
Publisher: JAHS Publishing Group
(August 4, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-13:  979-8669432034
Dimensions: 6 x 0.35 x 9 inches

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Chasing Seconds


"Teen Aiden Baskin moves to a new city in Florida to help his grandfather not feel alone after the death of his grandmother. In this new city he transfers to a new school where he meets a group of friends who show him a new meaning to a good life and to expect the unexpected."

by: Destiny Dureke

Destiny Dureke is a very intelligent, wise, smart, beautiful, compassionate and creative 14 year old high schooler from Maryland. She was first published in a Collective Empowerment Short Stories book by WETATians titled: “Girls Should Stop Being Mean to Each Other” when she was 11 years old. CHASING SECONDS is the FIRST book she has written as a single author.

Paperback:  $15.99
Kindle:  $5.99

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