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Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper

Jan 31 – Feb 2 Issue 2002

‘How To Succeed Against All Odds’

By Ammanuel Moore

Margaret Dureke, local author and motivational speaker explains how to   prosper in life's many areas in her recently published book, How To Succeed against All Odds.

With all the Chicken Soup hoopla, it's easy to see that self-help books come a dime a dozen. The difference between this motivational self-help book and all others on the shelf is that Mrs. Dureke helps the reader define what success is to him or her, and uses practical and common-sense wisdom from popular songs, Biblical scripture and African proverbs to illustrate the journey toward success.

She also uses herself as a testimony, as she too, hurdled many obstacles accomplishing her many goals, including opening her own business, earning several degrees, serving as a certified aerobics instructor and motivational speaker and is a lead dancer for a popular African dance group.

How To Succeed Against All Odds is in 13 parts, representative of life's many areas, including business and finance, marriage and family, health, stress and several other topics.

It is written in almost a textbook fashion. Readers should find the index and section headings useful for easy reference. Some of the specific topics the book covers are: Why Some People May Not Realize their Talents; The Big Magic of Thinking Big; How and When Do You Know If You Made the Right Decision; Dealing with Hard Times; and more.

Many self-help book go out of their way to protect their credibility by not claiming to be a source for all cures, a clever way to not admit to shortcomings and faults that their strategies and plans may have.

How To Succeed Against All Odds, however, continually supports its strategies for success, which gives the reader more confidence that this is the right book.
(Margaret Dureke, 221 p.)

How To Succeed against All Odds is…"a very insightful book."
-- Steven Gray, Washington Post

Kristin Vaughan, producer of Women's' Zone said, " ….my editor said," "…your book and writing style is definitely Oprah material."
And Kristin Vaughan has this to say about the book in her review -"packed with nuggets of been there and done that wisdom, this book is like having your most cherished sisterfriend, mother or mentor with you at all times. It's more than a 'how to' book. It's a must-have life attitude manual delivered as only Margaret Dureke can. You'll refer to its lessons time and again."
-- Kristin Vaughan, Books Producer

The book, How To Succeed Against All Odds, "is good to read"
-- Cassandra Ortega-Beckford, Director of Operations, WHUT-TV

The book, How To Succeed Against All Odds, - "contents are engaging, Spiritual, energetic, presentation is good…and has everything you need in a good hand book….including exercise….the cover is very eye catchy."
--Linda Ligon, President of Publishers' Marketing Association (PMA)

"I will like to give all the praise and honor to God for allowing Margaret Dureke and myself to meet. I know it was nothing but the grace of God that allowed our path to cross. I just thank God for Margaret Dureke and the future I would share with Margaret as my mentor. I know that there would be so much growth and development through my personal contact with Ms. Dureke and having her book as a reference to study and to review from time to time. The book "How To Succeed Against All Odds" is a masterpiece. You owe it to yourself to read about some of Margaret's struggles that God turned around for good and how it can help you overcome your own obstacles. I will continue to thank God for the vision He gave Margaret."
-- Vivian Torrence Leath
"Margaret is a gifted motivational and mentor. She creates an environment of energy and enthusiasm in any setting. Her individual magnetism affects the smallest and the largest audiences. You will find this book to be a great addition to the section of your library reserved for those special books that you refer to on regular basis."
-- Dr. Loretta Forlaw, DNSe., RN., President, HealthSpeaks, and Editor of Medical News.
"This book, How To Succeed Against All Odds, has changed and revolutionized my life. I have read a lot of self-help books, but none has ever impacted me positively in this way before. I am recommending this book to all my male friends because there is no other motivational and inspirational book out there that is written in that fashion. It is a masterpiece and will definitely change the life of anyone who reads it for good. This book should be a best seller."
-- Collins

"Margaret Dureke inspires women of all ages and faith to trust in whatever Supreme Being they worship- be it Jesus, Allah, Buddha, etc. to accept the challenge of pursuing their own dreams and aspirations. So many motivational books are based on theory as opposed to real life experiences. Many times, people are not sure how to identify the steps they need to take to reach the next level. In her book, How to Succeed Against All Odds, Margaret reveals many of the battles she overcame to become the successful mother and entrepreneur. Margaret truly inspires everyone to be the best they can be. Once you pick up her book, you will not want to put it down. This is not a book full of fluff! This is not a book that sits on a shelf. It will become your second Bible."

"Margaret's words are truly inspirational. I liken her message to this- 'People don't plan to fail. They just fail to plan'. We must have the courage and belief in ourselves to take the first step. Our support network of faith, family and friends will make the journey less treacherous."
-- Rita Cheng Personal Financial Advisor
American Express Financial Advisors

Dear Margaret:
"Your book is dynamic, it helps' you realize what is holding you back….you. If it's success you're after, How To Succeed Against All Odds is the diagram for you. It's easy to understand and be your blueprint for your success and well-being. It connects your mind, body and soul. Every page is a key to your becoming whole. She encourages you to follow your dream. When strategically planned, you can "make adversities your foot mat.". Margaret this is what you have done and I hope you reach the entire world. Your book shows you how to balance your life. It's about a life change. It's about getting in touch with yourself and those you love. It's about being the best you can be….It's about obeying the commandments of God and much more. This is a powerful testament and is headed for a best seller. God bless you."
-- Clothilde Belk, Publisher
"The book, How To Succeed Against All Odds, is simply great!
-- Vicky
Dear Margaret,
"Your book has changed my life and I can even feel your positive spirit as I read the book. I love it and would recommend it to other people."
-- Colette Clark

Date: 11/19/00 10:56:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Yvonne Evans)

Dear Oprah:
The book, How to Succeed Against All Odds, by Margaret Dureke is one that I would recommend for inclusion in any future program you may consider on the topic of "Survival of the Human Spirit." Ms. Dureke, a native of Nigeria, offers her readers a road map to success. By using her life experiences as an example, she offers a step-by-step approach to overcoming obstacles, no matter how big or how small. This book is very refreshing and is a "must read" for anyone having to make difficult life decisions. Please consider it for a future program on how one can survive even when one's back is against the wall. Thank you.
-- Yvonne Evans

….I enjoyed reading your book. Well thought out contents."
-- Dr. Ojiaku
Dear Margaret,
Thank you for sending me the book, How To Succeed Against All Odds. You and the God in you have definitely made a positive difference in my life. The book spoke to certain struggles I have been having on my job and the pain of the past. Through your book, God told me not to quit or give up and as a result, I am going to hang in there even when I do not want to. You have shown me that I am not alone and also that God loves and works through black people as well as white people.
-- Joy, High School Teacher

Good Morning Margaret,
I was going through a very tough financial and house hunting time. Everything and anything was trying to deter me from purchasing my second home in DC after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce and self employed.

Yes, "Walk by Faith" is what we know and might hear every now and again. I have taken this statement for granted and had become complacent-until I purchased your book. I was reminded of what I had all along, strength, courage and perseverance = VICTORY!!!!

I now have the victory with my daughter in our new home, a better credit rating, and a little equity already by the time I left the settlement table:)). You were my "ram in the bush" at the time and I did not even know. I remembered listening to you on the Sandy Mallory show at Morgan State (WEAA FM).

I then followed up with a phone call and ordered 4 copies, not only for myself, but for my girlfriends as well. It was you voice in the back of my head "you can do it, you can beat all odds", just stay focused and I did.

Thanks to your generous support and for taking the time to write the recipe for life in paperback!!!!!
--PEACE, Cheryl

Dr. Carl R. Wallace, RD LD
Howard University Hospital
Medical Nutrition Therapy

February 5, 2001

As a Nutrition Therapist, I counsel patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, which require major lifestyle changes in order to treat the disease. Trying to establish the readiness to make the lifestyle behavior changes in the form of exercise and dietary changes can be very frustrating and challenging. Margaret’s book, How to Succeed Against All Odds, gets to the heart and soul of issues and factors that every patient faces while they are trying to make those long-term health behavior changes. She gives a personal testimony about her failures and successes in making those tough changes and ultimately, the health rewards.

I recommend her book to all my patients!


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