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JAHS in the News

The following article was published recently in Our Society Magazine (UK):

Our Society (UK)
Issue 5, 2002

A Different Approach

Margaret Dureke has become a household name in the United States. Her native attire has made more than a fashion statement to her audience. It shows Confidence. Margaret Dureke is a motivational speaker, and health & fitness consultant. Traveling extensively throughout the United States, Ms. Dureke addresses critical issues affecting individuals' social and spiritual development. Her main them is "to pursue her vision and passion of helping other people realize theirs." She is the cofounder of JAHS Publishing Group, JAHS Odiche Fitness and JAHS Active Wear in Hyattsville, Maryland, and host of a number of radio and television programs aired across the USA. She has a B.A. from Howard University and a law degree (Juris Doctor) from American University, both in Washington, D.C.

Meg Dureke and her husband, John (a business consultant & author) travel together as sought-after speakers. They are the proud parents of three children. Ms. Dureke has spoken at U.S. Government business seminars and workshops, universities, religious conventions, and book signings at Barnes & Noble, to mention but a few.

As an author, she explains how to prosper in life's many areas in her book, How TO Succeed Against All Odds. Unlike most "self-help" books in the stores, this work is very different ("Odiche", which means "unique" in her native dialect). Mrs. Dureke helps the reader define what success is to him or her, and uses practical and common-sense wisdom from popular songs, Biblical scriptures and African proverbs to illustrate the journey toward success. She also uses herself as a testimony, as she too hurdled many obstacles while accomplishing her many goals. She is also the author of the books: (1) Words And Phrases Of Wisdom For Spiritual & Emotional Upliftment; (2) 7 Drivers FOR Success (also available on CD and Cassette); (3) What It Takes To Win; (4) Keep On Pushing...Change Will Surely Come; and several exercise videos. Other books in the works include, 365 Days and My Only Game, a novel based on a true story.

How To Succeed Against All Odds is divided into 13 parts, representative of life's many areas, including business and finance, marriage and family, health, stress, and several other topics. Readers find the index and section headings very useful for easy reference. Some specific topics the book covers include: "Why some people may not realize"; "How and when do you know if you made the right decision"; "Dealing with hard times"; and more. Meg, as she is fondly called, has her face on buses and billboards, and is the spokesperson for certain ethnic products. She has a talk show on cable Channel 74 called "It's Your Health" and a weekly exercise TV program on CTV called Odiche Fitness & You. Ms. Dureke is the first place winner of CTV's 2000 CAM award.

Margaret Dureke arrived in the United States from her native country, Nigeria, with nothing except a dream to make it in the land of opportunity and a gift from God. When Our Society asked Ms. Dureke what the gift was, she said with a hearty laugh, "talking. I found out that I was good with talking. IT'S GOOD TO TALK, so I made up my mind that I was going to use the gift constructively. According to Proverbs 14:1, 'the wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands (or her mouth)'. I use mine wisely." See her book for details.

Ms. Dureke's success story has been published in many media including, Heart & Soul magazine, the Washington Post, PG Journal, and Afro American Spirit Magazine. And How To Succeed Against All Odds, continually supports its strategies for success, which gives the reader more confidence that this is the right book.

Margaret is heard worldwide on her new talk show, "Margaret's Corner," with "Night Line Africa" on Voice of America (VOA), which began in June 2002. OS


To purchase Margaret and John Dureke's books or for more information on JAHS, visit or call 301-864-2800.


Margaret has done it again with her new innovative spiritual & emotional book: "Words And Phrases Of Wisdom For Spiritual And Emotional Uplightment".

Already in stores like Barnes & Noble, Howard University bookstores, Borders, Sisterspace and Books, Karibu and others, and at major distributors like Ingram book company.

Ted Roberts, Host of Nightline Africa, Voice of America says: "An excursion into everyday living. No matter how tangled your life may seem, no matter how great a loss you experience, quotations in this book are selected to help you summon the courage to make a new start."

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